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Types of bills we have to pay and ways how to reduce such bills

There is one more think that we have to do every month! And it called “Bill”. Not pleasant procedure. Most of our topics are aimed to tell about how to conduct billing properly but this article will teach you how to reduce a majority of monthly bills. So go ahead!

Our household is a really expensive pleasure and every time we have a small stress when open a mailboxe full of bills such as an energy bill, a water bill, phone and internet bills, a mortgage statement and an insurance statement. Our money flows like a river into the pockets of provider companies. We separated some usual payments and found out how to reduce them.


The main way to reduce energy costs is to air seal your home. It takes some money, but in the long term costs will pay off. Consider this one as a long investment.

Those who often forget to turn off the TV or computer before going to bed should set a timer. It seems that the energy expenditure for one night is not so big, but for a long time it is not a small amount of money to pay.


The first thing to consider is that your purchase should not exceed your financial capabilities. This is a mistake of many people. Therefore, it is better to increase your capital and then buy it without getting into debt.

Share a part of the apartment for rent, if you have the opportunity. This will provide additional income and thereby reduce your mortgage expenses.

Bills must be paid on time. Make the bank pay from your account at a set time. This will help avoid some problems.


Install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators. They allow you to save water and not even realize how much less water you use.

Take a shower instead of a bath and water the lawn only when it is necessary.


Share the Internet. Usually the possibilities of the Internet are higher than necessary for a family. Therefore, you can make a joint connection with your neighbors and significantly reduce costs.

Another way is to use a cheaper provider. However, it means that you won’t have so quick Internet.

Cell phone/telephone

An excellent solution would be to use the Internet connection instead of cellular communication. Or you can also think about a cheaper contract with the operator.


Select only the most serious insurance cases. This will help to significantly reduce the cost of insurance.

You can change the insurance company. So, always look for a better one.

Use smoke detectors in your home. By this way you can drop the homeowner insurance rate by as much as 5%.

Hope you learned something new or refreshed your knowledge through this article!