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How To Apply Online For Capital One Credit Cards And Get Reservation Number At

Here is the review of Capital One credit cards apply online — about your account (online registration, login) and payments. The whole process of sending a request to apply online for the Capital One Credit card is easy and will not cause any difficulties. In case you have troubles to be sorted out – contact Capital One online support team and they will advise you on every step to apply for the credit card correctly.

Steps to apply for the Capital One Credit Card online

  1. Visit the official website of Capital One Credit Card —;
  2. Fill in the form to apply online, namely the 16 digits reservation number and 6 digits access code — keep it safe;
  3. Click “Get Started” button to finish filling in the information.
  4. reservation number

What is reservation number?

When you are approved and get the Capital One Credit Card, you would need to activate the card using 16-digit reservation number and 6-digit access code, sent to you by mail.

You will need just one minute in order to apply for Capital One credit cards online.

On Capital One website you can find out about the status of your online request to approve the credit card. The same procedure is applied for both - business and personal credit cards.

In order to apply for the Capital One credit card online, you should be at least 18 years old and a resident of the US. Also, you should have a previously good credit history and fill in the online application form in accordance with all the requirements. You can apply for the credit card online to save time.

One Capital Credit Bank is the member of FDIC Community, which of course gives more confidence and means your Capital One Credit Card will be safe and protected. FDIC is Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which ensures the protection of the depositors in case the bank fails.

No reservation number and code received – what should I do?

Right after you apply online you should receive the card. In case your application has not been accepted, you can apply one more time and provide more detailed information this time. The bank will check your previous credit history, income for the previous years, you will be asked to agree for credit score valuations and pre-screening.

You can also call customer support number and ask for your card reservation. Alternatively, you can go to to find out about your reservation number.  Capital One issues Venture Cards, Platinum Cards, and Quicksilver Cards.

What additional information is needed to apply online once again for the Capital One Credit Card

In case you have not been approved for the Capital One Credit Card for the first time, you can apply again. You will be requested to answer some additional questions, tell you DOB, full name and address of your residence. Go to FindMyCard on the official website of Capital One and fill in the information.

Brief description of Capital One Credit Cards:

Each bank offers a number of credit cards, which are most suitable for certain audience and certain occasions. So that the customers would feel more comfortable and free in terms of making payments online and while making purchases in the shops or elsewhere. See what cards are offered for the customers of Capital One:

  • Quicksilver Credit card allows you to earn 1.5% every time you pay with this card. With this credit card, you also have a chance to win $150 cash prize, when the total sum of purchases you made is more than $500. Be reminded this gift is offered only if you made purchases during the first three months from the moment of account opening. One of the benefits of online credit card account is the possibility to check your current balance, payments, and bonuses.

  • Venture credit card is the best solution for travelers. Customers, who are visiting a lot of places, will be able to accumulate 1.25 miles each time they buy something. As soon as the total amount of your spendings is $1000 and that happens during first 30 days from the moment the account was open, you will get more bonuses. In average 20000 bonus miles are offered to a customer using Venture Card. If you need to check how many bonuses you already have earned, you can log in to your profile and see the most recent report.

  • ♦ One more bonus available for the customers of Capital One Credit Cards is the 2% cash back with Spark Cash. But you should have the status of a business member. $500 will be your prize when you sign up for this type of card.

One of the popular credit cards from Capital One is Platinum Credit Card. Here is the freshest review:

Other types of Capital One Credit Cards you can apply online are Discover, American Express, Citi.

When all the information is filled in, you will have the option to select the type of the card you prefer. Go to “my account” and click on “apply” button to make your choice.

What you will get with Capital One Platinum Card

  1. Zero annual fees;
  2. If your card is lost you get fraud coverage;
  3. Access to your online account any time 7 days a week;
  4. Access to a higher level of credit line (in 5 months, provided you paid your regular payments on time)


Capital One is the financial company providing services on loans, credit cards, debts, etc. Each of the affiliates is a legal entity, with different products and services, fair rates.


If you would like to learn more about the work of the Capital One or need to clarify any issue regarding the credit card or your online profile (verify your reservation number or code), call support telephone number:

1 877 383 4802 (US)


1 800 227 48 25

The official address of the Capital One Headquarters is

1680 Capital One Dr

MnLean, VA 22102

(703) 448 3747

Most complete and recent information about the credit cards and how to apply online in EN or Español can be found at the website